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Sunday, January 22, 2017

It Happened

Whodda thunk it?

Of the entire field of Presidential candidates, a non-politician was elected and no matter how much some people don't, can't, or won't accept it, it happened nonetheless. Suck it up, buttercups!
Brexit has spread and the people that were once the middle class, and are now struggling, have opted for serious change.

My Father, God rest his soul, no doubt would've voted for Trump. Trump's abstract intelligence and communication skills aside, he speaks his mind and is a very wealthy businessman. Dad was a perennial salesman and entrepreneur; owning/operating a number of different type businesses. I learned from him that a man's word is his bond and a handshake is a contract. The old man would never have voted for Hillary.

While a bit of a sexist, Dad was a cheerleader for only two women politicians; Condi Rice and Margaret Thatcher. He thought nothing of speaking his mind, referring to the rest of the women in politics as "stupid or dumb ass bitches" or the 'C' word. Hillary (and Pelosi for that matter) would've warranted the 'C' word.
Like I said, a sexist and I believe a selective one at that. A Republican to his core.

I myself don't understand how anyone could've voted for Hillary. Just because she's a woman? If Condi Rice had run for POTUS, Dad would have voted for her. I heard him say that after she left the GW administration.

I remember these things because Dad was vocal about his politics, as well as a Bill O'Reilly addict. The last person he voted for was Mitt (by mail) Prior to that, we're all pretty sure he hadn't voted since the Eisenhower administration.

But I digress...I just couldn't help thinking about him extensively during this election cycle.

While I've been voting since the Nixon era,  (yea, do the math) this one seemed like it was more than just ugly.
Politics is by no means a pretty game and, as often happens, horrible things suddenly crawl out from their deepest, darkest holes. Secrets and skeletons rise mysteriously from their crypts.
What did they dig up on Trump?
  • A recording from over 2 decades ago about grabbing a woman in the wrong place. He admitted it and apologized. Does that make him a sexist misogynist? I'm firm that's just not enough evidence to support that accusation.
  • Collusion with the Russians to alter the outcome of the election? That one can only be attributed to CNN. Even the hacking of the DNC hasn't truly been linked to the Russians.
  • Won't release his tax returns. Is it required under law for presidential candidates? Nope. Do we care? Nope. We already know he's rich.
  • Is Trump a racist because he wants to close our borders and enforce immigration laws? I'm all for controlling who comes in to our country. Terrorism has already hit here and unwanted deportees keep coming back only to cause some type of carnage. It's time that those who have been here illegally make an attempt to seek the path to citizenship. We need to prevent and deter further acts of terrorism.
  • Islamophobic? At this point, if you haven't thought about it, then you're a serious progressive who lives in Michael Moore's fantasy world. We should be afraid. Seriously afraid. CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are certified terrorist organizations. Islamic terrorism is a real and dangerous threat. While we can't lump all who practice Islam in to one single category, it's a thin and precarious line. How do we sort through that mess? The answer is still not within our grasp, but Trump has made it clear that Immigration laws need to be enforced. A Muslim registry? Far fetched and an unlikely prospect. These are things that have to go through Congress. Trump is not a dictator, but our previous POTUS had his pen and phone and managed to 'dictate' via executive fiat on more than one occasion. Congress was full of pussies. Did all those rich and famous balk at Obama's dictates?  
  • Anti-Semite? That's seriously laughable. Hitler-esk? Hitler exterminated over a million Jews and convinced his country that it was in their best interest to follow him or die. His son in law, whom Trump obviously trusts, is Jewish and his daughter has converted to Judaism. For the first time in over 3 decades, a Rabbi gave a benediction at a Presidential Innaguration. Isolationist Revisionism? Why? Because he wants to put America first? How is that a bad thing?
Oh hell, I could write about this all day. I won't.
Now Hillary, on the other hand, has a very long list of reasons why she should not be President. Yet, the liberal left progressives who are so utterly tolerant that they tear cities apart, cannot see beyond their cosmetically altered noses. They gave a shit load of money to her campaign and that didn't do a hell of a lot to help her. She never actually outlined her plans for her administration. In fact, she appeared to be the queen of double talk. She would only be a continuation of Obama's legacy. The voters obviously wanted no more of that shit. Popular vote or electoral vote, it didn't matter. This country utilizes the electoral college for a reason and has done so for centuries. It only sucks when Democrats lose.
Those with all the money are trying to shame the average American for voting Trump. Who gives a shit what an over paid celebrity thinks? Actually, they're trying to tell you and me what we should do and how we should think. Isn't THAT Hilter's wonderful world of fascism? I firmly believe in the 1st Amendment and in ALL the rest of them, including that beautiful 2nd amendment.
So, if people want to protest, go ahead. Who cares? Just stop destroying property and spewing hate filled rants trying to ratchet up the violence to a whole new level.
If you want to label someone based on one incident, you're more narrow minded than you claim others to be. Remember who Hillary is, what she's done and who she married. She only stayed married to Billy Bob for political purposes. If he was my spouse, I would NOT have covered up his predatory ways nor would I have stayed married to his sorry, horny ass! Seems Huma didn't follow in her great leader's footsteps.
She is seriously corrupt, lied under oath, lied to the public about Benghazi, has been indifferent and turned a deaf ear to the average citizen of this country. Her actions over her private server bordered on treason and left her emails open for hacking. The entire DNC collapsed within itself due to so many undeniably disgusting facts coming forth. The chair of the DNC resigned over the scandal. Who in their right mind wants more of that? No, don't blame Hillary's loss on the Russians. They sunk their own boat and Hillary was the Captain.
I certainly can't say that Trump was the perfect candidate over Hillary. He was the ONLY candidate - unless you just wanted to waste your vote on Jill Stein. Yea, the one who had about 2% of the vote and wanted a recount. Obviously a Hillary supporter. Or, she was paid generously to make the accusation.
I don't know how long it's going to take for Trump haters to get past the fact that he's going to be here for awhile. Some of the serious celebrity agitators foresee Trump being impeached or just not making it through his 4 year term. Just for that, I hope he does and I hope that if he runs again, he's re-elected.
Screw all you nay sayers. The people have spoken and they didn't choose YOUR sorry candidate.
Don't scream Hitler unless you're looking in the mirror.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

For Those That Wear the Badge

A poem from a friend, an old school cop

The Sea of Blue

So many have gathered together, people you don't even know,
Brothers and Sisters alike, who have all suffered a blow.
They have come from near and far, so many different places.
Among this sea of blue, exists nothing but somber faces.

While you stand at attention, so rigid and so numb,
you never wanted to believe that this day might come.
How you hoped you would never have to be in this line.
These indelible images, that will be forever frozen in time.

The line that serves and protects is always true,
a line that will never be anything but long, thin and blue.
Each one that wears the badge upon their chest, 
knows that they are a breed unlike the rest.

Badges of silver and gold, adorned in black mourning bands,
all are spit and polish, white gloves on their hands.
Assembled together, paying homage to one of their own.
Always they will stand together, but today, they stand alone.

With precision steps, the honor guard will pass by,
and then skillfully, they will point their rifles to the sky.
In deference, rigid arms will be raised in salute,
while twenty-one shots will signal silent prayers of tribute.

Almost immediately, the soft whines of the pipes will commence,
praising our fallen hero with its melodic song of reverence.
As "Amazing Grace" reverberates it woeful tune in to your heart,
none will find solace when the sea of blue has been torn apart.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Sea of Blue

I hold my head down in sadness and prayer. We are losing brothers and sisters in blue at an alarming rate. Who will stand up for the weak?

The world as we knew it is no more.

There are factions far more deadlier than the average thug on the street. Not to minimize our thugs, because they are becoming exceedingly dangerous too. Home grown terrorists and violent groups are looting, pillaging, destroying and killing, all in the name of some perceived threat against one person.

 In the minds of the violent and dangerous, the assassination of a group of people in the name of "justice" is a right. Putting aside the fact that 2 wrongs don't make a right, there is hatred and disgust for those who protect us every day.
The deafening voices of the many angry followers crying racism accusing our protectors of stereotyping. Yet, a certain group trained and dedicated in protecting the rights of all citizens are painted with the same brush. Isn't there a certain hypocrisy in that theory? Certainly there are bad people everywhere and in every group and they don't discriminate based on ethnicity, religion, sex, etc. We are not a perfect species and it's highly unlikely we ever will be.

Yep, the world is falling apart and there is plenty of blame to go around.

As a former law enforcement officer, I can say without a doubt that I have seen and experienced some of life's beautiful moments and some of life's wretchedness. I have been shot at (and missed), spat upon, assaulted, threatened and called by more vulgar names than you can imagine. Because I took an oath before I pinned on that badge, I endured it. No more.

Our world is changing rapidly. Throughout the decades law enforcement has gone from being the good guys to becoming the bad guys. Why? Who is to blame and how do we change it? Can it even be changed? With the continued threat to our country's security, we should all be thankful that there are people out there willing to risk their own lives in an effort to deter, apprehend and prosecute those that would threaten our way of life. But no, home grown terrorism, fueled by more hate and a twisted sense of justice that starts at the top, continues spreading its tentacles throughout our great country. Now our politicians want to literally handcuff police and take away the tools necessary to protect themselves and others. Are they serious? A softer image, you say? They're already afraid to do their jobs for fear of reprisals. They're being gunned down  in the streets and you want to take away all manner of defending themselves and others? In order to effectively perform their duties, they need all the right tools. They also need us, the citizenry, to watch their back by supporting them 100%.

There are those that would argue that America was never great. To you, I say, "How dare you?" Sure, she made mistakes along the way but she changed, recovered and moved on. Again, we are not a perfect species. However, if you do not like the democratic way of life that America provides you, I say, "Go away and find some place more suited to your needs."
Our way of life is threatened and terrorists, both here and abroad, despise us and all that we stand for.

These same politicians-you know, those folks who thought it would be really cool to stage a sit in in the house chamber-also want to make this all about gun control.

Terrorists are getting them. Oh, wait! Terrorists? In our country? No! The hell you say!
WAKE.THE. FUCK.UP! You left the door open, fools!

Those guys sitting on their asses want your guns. The guns we need to protect ourselves from the continued violence that the present administration seems to be egging on. There's a reason for the steady increase in gun sales. They will not get my guns. I will defend myself and I am thankful to live in a red state where the right to defend one's self and the right to bear arms is part of the state's Constitution.

I sit and ponder what our future holds. Will our warring factions allow for both the DNC and RNC to proceed with their party's particulars and nominations? Rumor has it that more chaos and rioting is planned in an effort to disrupt our political process. Do we need more anarchy, destruction and murder? How is it ok to do these things because you believe one particular candidate is a racist bully? The other candidate is a pathological liar and has blood on her hands. Is she any better? Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make....
You know that jackass in the White House? He made us. A country is only as good as its leader and right now, our leader f'n sucks. He has done so much to screw up this country and has lied so much....the list is too long.

What's left for us to do? For one thing, let's settle down and stop the needless destruction and slaughter of innocents. Let us establish a dialogue that is not one sided and where one party doesn't shout down the other. Pointing fingers, blaming one side, and calling each other names solves nothing. Politicians need to step up to the plate and stop pandering and blaming before the facts are all in.  
Can the members of BLM stop and think? The more militant you become, the more you become a threat. #Alllivesmatter  #Bluelivesmattertoo

In my lifetime I have been witness to many tragic events. Some so memorable and devastating that I often wish I could wipe those terrible events from my memory. The wanton assassination of law enforcement officers is nothing short of horrific.

Take the time to thank the men and women who serve and protect you.
Were it not for them and their sacrifices, our country would be in a far worse state.

To my Brothers and Sisters who wear the badge upon their chest -

May he watch over you


Monday, November 16, 2015

Leader of the Free World

Leadership.  It's a fickle thing. The standard definition is (n) which means to lead or direct or guide a group. For instance, our illustrious leader, The O'blamer. He was elected to lead the most powerful nation in the world and swore to defend the Constitution and to protect our nation from its enemies, both foreign and domestic. One could argue many times over whether he has carried out that oath. The Commander in Chief couldn't lead a squad of ducks.

A number of situations have occurred in our sovereign nation that are clearly terrorist attacks. Our leader has chosen to remain passive and to lie many times over about the situation in the Middle East, as well as immigration, Obamacare, IRS....and the list just goes on and on. He cannot even call out the obvious; those who are doing their best to terrorize our way of life ARE muslim extremists. 

Our leader has aligned himself with our enemies and chosen to piss off our allies. He has decimated our military and we were once the most powerful nation in the world. Nations feared us and looked to us for help and guidance. Now, we're the laughing stock of the world and completely vulnerable to our enemies. Obama remains indifferent and makes back room deals with untrusted leaders of countries who have no ethics when it comes to human rights. 

Obama has clearly divided our country by inciting rioting, looting, racism, and rebellions ad nauseam. I'm sure he's sitting back in the Oval office with his feet on the desk, having a smoke and basking in all his destruction and misery. He cares nothing for this country or our allies. Instead, he is fascinated with basketball, golf, fund raisers and movie stars. 

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel is a leader. 

He has led his country through some difficult times. He is a veteran, a diplomat and an man of strong character. As the commander in chief, he has used tremendous restraint in guiding his country through seemingly endless violence perpetrated against his home land.

Prime Minister Francois Hollande of France is also a leader.

His country has become the victim of more than one terrorist attack and he has chosen not to ignore or blindly accept these violent acts. No, he has chosen to do what our wimpy ass President has never done. He called it an act of war and swiftly retaliated.  

These two leaders epitomize grace under pressure, decisiveness, diplomacy and have garnered the loyalty of their people. Our President wipes his hands and walks away without so much as a second glance.

Here we a crossroads. Our leader sends our country's sympathies and less than one day before, lied to the American public by saying ISIS is contained. Really? Since just about the entire European Union and the US has opened its borders and allowed refugees to enter without any kind of vetting process, we are clearly in deep shit. Will we have another 9/11? There's no telling, but odds are the bombings we've experienced are only a prelude of things to come. 

An article in the New York Post headlined, "lead or resign." I may be wrong here, but this appears to be one of those rare occasions where the media has finally seen the light and called out our dear leader for not being one. 

Say what you will, but it is clearly not Bush's fault.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Everything That is Wrong is Right

I'm confused. That's kind of a regular state of mind at my age and not always an unwelcome state. Being confused can keep me from hurting my head by not thinking about all the whys and wherefores of our sad country.

Donald Trump is right. Certainly not a political diplomat, but he's right on so many levels. I sincerely doubt he will be elected our next President, but he sure is stirring the pot of controversy and making us think. He's saying what every politician is afraid to.

But this is not about Donald Trump. This is about my state of confusion. Confused that everything that is wrong with this country has now been accepted as right.

Do you remember when the IRS was a stand alone agency that couldn't be controlled by any one party? Now there's more than a smidgen of corruption and no one has been prosecuted or held accountable. It's accepted.

Do you remember when subpoenas from government committees and senate hearings were generally intimidating, bringing out fear and mostly the truth? Now no one cooperates and the truth is hidden by a corrupt administration. It's acceptable to lie to Congress.

Do you remember when Benghazi was all about a video when in fact it was preventable and lives were lost unnecessarily?  The cover up is immense and starts at the top. Yet, the truth is hidden, the administration refuses to cooperate and liberals everywhere scream witch hunt from the GOP.  But it's okay and accepted. There's nothing more to see here. Move along.

Do you remember when a thug was a a hoodlum, villain, gangster? Now they're heroes preaching violence, drug dealing and rape. If you don't believe otherwise, you're a racist.

Do you remember when looting, arson, vandalism were crimes? Now it's acceptable all in the name of criminals being killed by police. Police are now the enemy and it's literally heroic to assassinate a cop all because there's a perceived impression of racism and oppression against blacks. Just ask Obama. If he had a son, they would grow up to be just like them. Law enforcement should present a kinder, softer look and military equipment isn't necessary. Never mind the fact that people want to kill them and you don't want them to defend themselves. Dumb ass DiBlasio says let's eliminate stop & frisk. Watch the crime rate soar because cops are now afraid to do their jobs. Listen to people bitch about that. You can't have it both ways.

Do you remember when we could all make our own decisions about whether we needed to pay for health insurance? Obamacare was shoved down our throats with predictions from the opposition of skyrocketing costs, death panels, small businesses suffering negative financial effects and the promise repeated over and over again; "If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it." That never materialized and yet, Obama's broken promise has long been forgotten by liberals. It's acceptable for him to use prosecutorial discretion, changing laws with impunity. He's not a President. He's a dictator and no one sees it? After all, to disagree with this President in any way is racist.

Do you remember when the 1st Amendment to the Consttitution, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion was a widely accepted form of guaranteed right? That as citizens of this great country we were entitled to those inalienable rights? Not anymore.

Our government wants to censor what we say and how we report the news. They want us to come over to their way of thinking. People could and did voice their opinions about other religions, especially when people were willing to kill for it. Now, if we open our mouth about the wrongs of someone else's religion, we're at fault for the casualties because we "insulted" them. Yet, that is only a one way street. Now, there are people who want to repeal this Amendment and strip us of those rights. I'm confused. Isn't that wrong?

Do you remember the now controversial 2nd Amendment? The right to bear arms has been a part of our lives and history since before the Revolutionary war. We liberated ourselves from those nasty Redcoats, fighting against the oppression of an evil monarchy. In wars with other countries, civilians took up arms. Now that bad guys can get their hands on a gun some how or some way, the best thing to do is just outlaw guns. That'll fix everything, won't it? Go ahead, you wussies. Bring that knife to a gun fight.

Do you remember Fast & Furious? Our illustrious President sold guns to cartels? The anti gun leader of the free world thought they could arrest and dismantle the cartels by giving them arms. That backfired in the nastiest of ways. A Border Patrol agent died at the hands of the cartel while using Obama's gift.

Do you remember when we had the most powerful military in the world and we were feared by nations everywhere? Now this ungrateful administration thinks it's best to cut costs by eviscerating our military and their benefits. Never mind that we are now vulnerable to evil doers everywhere. Yes, GW was on to something there. All the more reason not to repeal our 2nd Amendment.

Do you remember when an illegal alien was just that? Illegal.

They just broke the law so we should waste no time in the deportation process. Like all the rest of the many millions who immigrated to this country, do it legally. Mexico undoubtedly wants to get rid of their drug lords, gun runners, and other dregs. There's no fence, no repercussions for crossing the border. Just claim amnesty and you're in. Never mind the fact that the crime rate will increase drastically in those sanctuary cities and they're a burden on our already overcrowded prisons and government hand outs. Don't forget, we are promising you that you can vote in our elections even if you're illegal. Seriously?

Do you remember all the scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton? Hell, there's so many I can't keep track. Never mind that she has lied under oath or has refused to testify. Never mind that her financial dealings are questionable (but they were broke when they left the White House) that the Benghazi fiasco is over and no longer makes a difference. Her emails were deleted and her servers were penetrable.
She announces her candidacy for President, yet won't speak to the press. If we don't vote or support her, we're sexist. It really doesn't matter if she's knee deep in all this muck. What's wrong is now right.

There's so many scandals surrounding our illustrious leaders. It's alright now because it would be racist to disagree and it's not Obama's fault.

 It's racist to fly that Confederate flag almost anywhere. It's racist to have a name like the Washington Redskins. Our controlling government tells the patent office to deny them the rights to that name because, well, they can.

Do we dare mention Gitmo and the release of known terrorists without the consent of Congress? It's an impeachable offense but do we dare start impeachment hearings? No-no. Can't do that. It's racist and too much of a political hot potato.

Beau Bergdahl was a war hero who served with honor and distinction? His fellow soldiers and the Army would disagree. Obama no doubt paid somebody and there's serious religious implications. That Marine held in Mexico....Obama stays silent.

Ft. Hood--act of terrorism or workplace violence?

Al Sharpton - racist charlatan or civil rights leader? Oh, please. Someone put this tax evader in jail once and for all. Oh, wait. He went to the White House. He's special and it would be racist to put him in jail. Is anything not racist?

So, Donald Trump has ditched political correctness in the name of what's right. He doesn't care if people perceive him as a racist or want to cut ties with his business ventures. He's not bowing to political correctness and the media is trying desperately to make him out to be a general nut case. The GOP is up in arms and accuse him of painting their party in an unfavorable light. The GOP has long ago painted themselves into a corner, and it sure ain't pretty.

The media....what happened there? They won't report the truth because it would be racist. Stick with only half truths and stories that fit their agenda. There is no true investigative reporting anymore. It's slanted and twisted, favoring their own liberal party--right or wrong.

Does anyone remember this country before Obama? When things were more right than wrong?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Angry Questions from an Angry American

After many changes in my life, I thought I would have the time and inclination to get back in to blogging. Instead, I have chosen to fly in to the land of Twitter and have become obsessed with those postings of 140 characters or less. If you've been as hesitant as I have about wandering over to Twitter, let me warn you, it borders on Face-crack. Sometimes you just can't turn yourself away.
In today's world of social media, I have sadly been assimilated in to little snippets of news and little known facts.

My tweets cover a wide range of topics, but mostly they revolve around current events. Somehow, that POS President of ours monopolizes my random tweets. I am an avid reader and I have found that I can be all over the map when it comes to reading on line news organizations. I must say that both the conservative and liberal news media have had their own individual issues. There doesn't seem to be any real, hard core journalists out there willing to ferret out the truth, no matter how many rocks they have to turn over. In fact, it's like all of the news media has had a pitcher of the proverbial kool-aid. No one wants to make waves, so they report what they've been spoon fed and nothing more. Our state of political correctness has been so all encompassing that we are leery of exercising our 1st Amendment rights for fear of being labeled a "racist" or facing potential legal action. The word "racist" is now so over used, that no one in their right mind (that's the key) takes it seriously anymore.

Now, as was predicted by some Republican candidates who shall remain nameless, our world is in turmoil and our government has become an international joke. Obama is, by all accounts, begging to be impeached. If his original thought when he took this job was to leave an ever-lasting legacy, he has certainly fulfilled that objective. Some talking heads believe that drafting articles of impeachment against Obama before the elections in November will probably put the Democrats in a more positive light, possibly winning back control of the Senate. Others believe there's no time like the present.

I personally believe that it's long past time. There are no indications that he will stop signing and passing these executive orders any time soon. He knows he has free rein and that no one has the balls to stop him. It's true.

Recent stats indicate that as many as 200,000 illegals have crossed the border looking for a free handout. Even that number may be an under estimate. No one truly knows. We can't count on our government to be transparent with actual facts. Americans everywhere are loudly protesting illegals being dumped in their backyards, and are not swayed by the recent term 'refugee.' Illegals with no vaccinations, infectious diseases, criminal records, known gang bangers, and even terrorists, are making their way in to our country unfettered and Obama...DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT. It's the most asinine political ploy ever contrived.

Second on that list was the exchange of 5 terrorists from Gitmo for the release of one Army deserter. Yet, our fearless leader refuses to even have an open discussion with Mexican authorities about Sgt. Tahmooressi being held incommunicado on weapons charges.
His inactions on that matter are one of many impeachable offenses. We could go on, but what's the point?

What are we to do? Stand by and let it happen? Obama is supporting terrorists, both by his actions and by openly financing them. He has effectively turned many against our ally, Israel, with outright accusations and half assed diplomatic negotiations. If I was Netanyahu, I would just give Obama the finger and move on. The Israelis have done an exceptional job of restraint and are not cold, heartless bastards as our President and the liberal news media are attempting to present them. The Palestinians and Hamas don't want peace and will not surrender, consistently releasing propaganda and using cutthroat measures to ensure that the view of Israel is presented negatively.
There are rumors of the UN looking at Israel for war crimes. Are they serious? The liberal progressive agenda has taken a horrid turn. Our enemies are now our allies and vice versa.
Obama kisses Muslim ass and we're turning the corner to Socialism.

There are just too many things wrong with this presidency, too many scandals and too many acts of treason. When will it end? Why are we letting it continue?

Isn't it time for real Americans to stand up and make their voices heard?


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hello Again

It occurred to me that it's been a very long time since I've blogged. Not that I haven't wanted to vent my frustrations or share my humor, but life as we all know it has taken a drastic turn. To say the world has become a horrifyingly violent and pathetic place is, in my opinion, an understatement.
My own personal life has taken a rather drastic turn as well, details of which I will spare you.

Suffice it to say, there's a multitude of ideas rolling around in my old noggin that I will proceed to put on to my computer screen for everyone's enjoyment. That is, if you're a fan. If you're not, tahellwityas!

If anyone has any thoughts or comments, any ideas, or even if you want to be a "guest" writer on to my blog, feel free to email me.

See you all soon!

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