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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are our Gun Rights in Jeopardy?

There's been a frenzied atmosphere in most gun shops as of late. The intensity of emotions resonating from gun owners and buyers ranges from fear of anarchy and chaos, to downright defiance of the government's potential ban on firearms. People are worried and scared. Many have predicted that riots will ensue when guns are taken and some whisper plans of making a stand. It's a situation of great concern for everyone.

Gun stores are running out of everything and just can't keep up with the supply and demand. Some are claiming price gouging during this sudden spate of gun and ammo purchasing. The statistics in the last 3 weeks alone would surprise and frighten those anti gun folks. Those in favor of gun rights, it doesn't surprise them at all. Obama is the greatest gun salesman the US has ever seen.

Some sick sons of bitches have wreaked havoc and death upon innocent children and adults. Terrorists do that. So do the mentally ill. It is indeed a sad set of circumstances and something does need to be done to prevent it from continuing. But what? How do we screen the mentally ill and keep them from legal firearms? How will banning assault rifles fix this problem?

To take away a person's Constitutional right to keep and bear arms seems an extreme course of action. Then again, His Royal Highness, the Obama idiot, wants to effectively strip away your rights and he will do it by Executive Order and to hell with everyone.

One industrious member of the left wing liberal news media in one of those radical blue states up north, takes it upon themselves to access all the gun owners database in one particular county, and then publishes the names of all those who have registered firearms. Now, what exactly was this jack ass trying to prove?
You really have to question the motivation behind this act of selfish stupidity. In actuality, those whose names were published were just law abiding citizens. They did what their little government asked them do and "registered" their firearms. Does the criminal element follow the letter of the law and tell the government about their guns? Oh, hell no.
Frankly, it only proved that the writer of that article, his editor, and the entire newspaper staff are a bunch of like minded half assed morons who just can't see the big picture.
So what is the bigger picture?

Who are we really controlling when we enact so-called "gun laws?" With so much violence in the world, that's just one more reason for me to keep my guns and ammo.

It seemed like more than half the nation had had enough of this hope and change bullshit and that this El Presidente jackass would be history. No such luck. I swear the election was rigged. That's my theory.
Interestingly enough, there's this sudden look at the 22nd Amendment, also known as the 2 term presidential limit. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

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